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Currently, the democratic candidates leading are Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, Julian Castro, and many others, but those are the top 11 candidates.
  Thank God that both Robert Frances O’Rourke and Bill De Blasio both dropped out, as both of them were embarrassing themselves, even more than the citizens that followed them, but let’s talk about the top candidates that are still in the race.
  The overlying common denominator most popular between most of these candidates is the notion of becoming socialist, which is exactly what the past Obama administration mocked critics for believing. In fact, there are many instances where Obama made fun of those criticisms, but now the democrat party is clearly embracing and championing that very thing, despite the fact that millions of our brave soldiers died fighting against those kinds of governments since our beginning. Let’s be clear on what socialism is, it is a political and economic social government which takes the earnings from society, through regulations and tax laws and distributes it to the communities as a whole; this is no secret, and there is proven corruption at every level, but most importantly, it places the government or the state, in authority over the people. The same exact tyrannical mindset of those like the unitary socialist one-party state of China, or Cuba, which is still today an independent socialist republic led by the Cuban communist party, or the Soviet Union of the past that has since collapsed due to being a socialist one party state, also led by the communist party. Finally, not one of these candidates has denounced (that I know of) the group that acts very much like the Brown Shirts of Hitler’s national socialist government in Antifa. But we do have speeches from most of them saying things like, hell yes we will go door to door taking their guns, using police to enforce socialist doctrine, taxing up to 90% of earnings from those that worked hard to become rich, no different and just like the stupid Obama care that for the first time in American history forced the American people to buy a product or be fined hundreds of dollars.
  Let’s look at a little more of what these current democratic heroes are proposing.
Elizabeth Warren’s plan for forgiving current college tuition loans will cost around $1.7 Trillion dollars! Of which she would have her socialist government take a mega tax from the very rich to pay for it. Warren also just rolled out a $20.5 Trillion dollar health care plan idea, which is similar to other candidates’ Medicare for all. Again, claiming taxing the very rich even more will pay for this, as if they have enough to do so. At the same time she supports making the minimum wage $15 dollars an hour, which will only force the very rich to cancel businesses that create jobs, and then where do you suppose the next target of taxing will be focused? This does not even touch the entire costs she is proposing if she becomes president, like her $3 Trillion dollar climate plan, and the lists grows from there, a $1 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill, to include a $1 Trillion dollar Social Security plan to help pay back all the IOUs congress has corruptly given to that socialistic program, as they have taken from it for decades now.  
Obama’s entire stimulus package was around $700+ Billion dollars and he knew to make sure it didn’t go over a Trillion dollars, but now these candidates act as if a Trillion dollars is nothing, a small cost to pay to bring in their socialistic utopia.

  The Congressional Budget Office projects the next 10-year budget deficit will be $12.4 Trillion dollars at projections from the current governmental situation, and yet, these monetary proposals from the democratic party being pushed by their presidential candidates are projected to cost anywhere from $42.5 to $52 Trillion dollars depending on which candidate’s numbers you use over the next 10 years. See the math problem here? The CBO also says that the natural ranges of Federal spending currently run between 18 to 22 % of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but these democratic proposals would make said spending around 60% of GDP over the next 30 years. Things such as, forced taxation, enticing citizens with freebies to give up freedoms, creating laws to punish nonconformers, taking away the people’s means to defend freedoms, taking authority away from the people and giving it to the state, dishonoring the seat of the president to give more attention and authority to a growing oligarchy that has control over most of the media, some entertainment, and almost taken over the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Central Intelligence Agency is exactly what happens to socialist nations. This is not a conspiracy, as we witness the proofs of this with every attempt the leftist take when they try to hide their shortcomings by accusing others of the same thing. However, I must be fair by also stating there are plenty of right-wing establishments that have been in the system for quite some time, who are also a part of the corruption against the American people, but I digress, back to the democratic candidates.

  As there is nothing I agree on with the left or any of their policy suggestions, of all the candidates running on the left, the only one I see as truly presidential, and the only one with the best shot debating President Trump, that he would have the toughest time in debating, is Tulsi Gabbard. Yet, the leftist machine is doing all they can to swindle her out of a fair process and treatment to have a chance of gaining the nomination; it’s bad for her, but good for the Republicans, as none of the others have a chance of beating President Trump.
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“Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it” ~ Adolf Hitler; you know who that is, the National Socialist Workers Party Leader of the holocaust era, the same dictator that George Soros helped the Nazis when he was a youth, 
the same Soros that funds so much of the Progressive movement in the United States today, who said, “My main concern is with the world order.” Tactics just like this one, that also inspired Saul Alinsky, who said, “Action comes from keeping the heat on. No politician can sit on a hot issue if you make it hot enough.” This is the same Saul Alinsky, who Hillary Clinton admired and did her thesis on. These ideologies, mindset pedigrees, have led to the exact cornerstone of the extreme leftist, democrats, stringing out their very long and annoying “hot seat” attempts and false claims on our president for the past 3+ years.
  This bias, this pure systematic hatred, to stop a man that cannot be bought, and stop his direct defending of the American foundations, no matter what the costs, is in itself an embarrassment to their party’s base, the American government, and the United States of America. All because they were fairly beaten, even with all the left’s proven Russian collusion, voter fraud, and cheating within their own party campaigns, they still lost.  So what was the left’s first reactions? Screaming rallies, crying protests, violent attacks on innocent voters and supporters, media backlash and ignorance of truth, and day one promises to impeach their new president before anything was ever created to investigate at all. An army of investigative hacks, like cockroaches, scurried to find something, anything to follow Hitler’s, Soros’s and Alinsky’s models to lie, keep pressure and create a hot seat that would somehow, in some way justify and lead to impeachment.

  Leaning heavily on the tactic to blame your enemy for your wrong doings, we see the radical left first screaming, like Jan Brady of the Brady Bunch, when she yelled, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” but We The People heard “Voter Fraud, Voter Fraud, Voter Fraud,” only to have the Jill Stein’s investigations halted when they began finding more votes for President Trump. Then, of course, we had Hillary continuing on with her querulous rants of popular vote over our Republic’s electoral votes, in hopes that the people would forget about reports of Steins investigations. Soon after, it was “Collusion, Collusion, Collusion,” to find out the facts in the reports ONLY showed Russian collusion from the Democratic Party and the Clinton Foundation, yet no one, the media or law enforcement lifted a finger to prosecute any of the actual perps of the collusion, with foreign entities.  So they changed the narrative to “Corruption, Corruption, Corruption,” once again, only to prove themselves of corruption from the Obama administration, his DOJ, his FBI, and CIA, all tied in with the Clinton Campaigns, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, and others. So with panic setting in, the democrats then tried to drown that news out with “Obstruction, Obstruction, Obstruction,” again, only to witness actual obstruction on the democratic side of the isle during these hearings in outright lies of what reports actually said, just as we heard from Adam Schiff’s false reading of the phone call transcripts that we all can easily bring up and compare. Once called out on his manipulative behavior, Schiff called it a “parody”. Really? A parody in a very serious hearing? It was more like he rolling the dice in hopes that the American people wouldn’t notice; truly another embarrassment to say the least. Now the call we hear from the left is “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine” and “Treason, Treason, Treason.” Well, as my article proved to be 100% correct on the Mueller report, and its findings, we will again see who the guilty are when this Ukraine treasonous chant comes back to Earth. The question really remains, can our government, our Department of Justice, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, prove to win back its integrity and sweep out the corruption left by the last administration? To truly begin to arrest the ACTUAL perpetrators of the voter fraud, foreign collusion, corruption, obstruction, and treason that took place over the past 4 years, action must be taken and not just talked about. This much I know for sure, the American people are waking up to all of this horrible hatred in our congress, not doing the work of the people, but instead using their hate to gain party power against each other and OVER the Constitution of the United States.

  Let’s be honest, the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, past the point of no return on this impeachment push, hoping that the hot seat will get too hot for the President to want to run again for a second term, as most impeached presidents have done in past history. However, the difference here is.  #1. Our President is not a regular politician and because he knows he is innocent of these lies, he will not be as easily intimidated by the canons of weasels, #2. He simply did not commit any high crimes or misdemeanors like the cover up writings we will read in articles following this one by the opposition with innuendos and half-speak.
 Take the time and watch this factual, proven, timeline, with official documents stating the same, which will make you all step back and see the truth of the evil levels of corruption that has been created in our government during its evolution, far away from what the founders intended. Now, whether you like the host of this chalkboard timeline or hate him, it shouldn’t matter, when you are seeking the truth.  It starts with Biden and his son, X-President Obama, to all the many players leading all the way through each of the left’s “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” cries, to this final call of impeachment. May we all pray, that God blesses our nation with justice in the end. Amen.
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I picked this topic because to me, it is the second most important topic to the future of our country, second only to the far left’s efforts in erasing and eroding our nation’s foundations and sovereignty. Not to mention that the past presidents, both democrats and republicans, have cowered from publicly standing up to China’s abuse in trade, and military-strategic steps for decades, starting with President Clinton and his administration, which includes players who continued in service to future administrations, such as, Leon Panetta, George Tenet, and Sandy Berger, and others. China has used American greed to covertly corrupt the selling of our Nation’s secrets, to include top-secret designs of all seven of the US nuclear warhead missile technologies; you can find this in the Cox Report timeline 
  However,  today the media and establishment players on both sides of the aisle and the progressive left’s pure hate for our current president, ignore anything that makes the “communist” Chinese regime a major evil enemy of the United States. Instead, they say things like “We need to seek friendly relations between the USA and China.” Or “We must be consistent so that our friends and foes know where we stand.” Then before they even start their next breath, they hypocritically ignore consistency of strength, as if China isn’t even a threat, but an economic resource, worthy of ignoring their wrongdoings toward the US. Make no mistake, the communist ideology of China is systematically taking advantage of the world’s capitalists ventures and has a goal, which is to take total control while simultaneously becoming the strongest military the world has ever seen; thanks to the greedy politicians from our past few administrations. Think about it, currently, the only idea China has of where we stand is one given to them by Clinton, Bush, and Obama; who were greedy, power-hungry and dishonorable to our citizens.

Back in the early 90s, China’s minister of defense stated that it was inevitable that they would go to war
with the United States of America, and it is their intention to prepare to win said war.  So, China has continued to prepare by manipulating currency and fighting for unfair trade deals, because it holds IOUs from the past administrations. They are threatening to stop manufacturing goods for the US, and our past politicians have compromised it all, so they can feed their greed. China has built islands in the South China Sea, in international waters, and claimed them as theirs as they also placed military ports and bases on them. Yet, our media and politicians seem to treat this as though it is not worthwhile news to report, all because our President is doing the right things to hurt and slow down the plans of XI and Beijing. Last August, The South China Morning Post reported that “Washington also said, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would work with the International Monetary Fund... ‘to eliminate the unfair competitive advantage created by China’s latest actions.’ ” They also reported that Yan Xuetong, an international relation’s professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that “China has been narrowing the gap between its comprehensive national strength and that of the United States, (a development that) might be the cause of the growing competition between the two nations.”
  Now, you would think with these kinds of tension and quotes of inevitable conflicts and war between us, that we would do all we could to prevent other strategic strongholds of our enemy from becoming a reality. Yet, China now paid its way to control a very strategic stronghold within the Panama Canal and are even building a new bridge that spans across it. They have space technologies and satellites orbiting the planet, which poses a huge threat, all because the Democrats attacked and blocked President Ronald Reagan from continuing on with his “Star Wars” defense plans.  Now China is buying American companies operating inside America, such as Smithfield Foods Inc. back in 2013, and in 2016, China made a deal to buy crop science giant, Syngenta AG, the largest foreign acquisition by a Chinese company (China National Chemical Corp). and many others as well 

Let’s not forget this is a communist country, who 100% controls all in their government, that all businesses and corporations in China are owned by the Chinese government. It does not stop there, there are many more examples, such as China making covert deals with the drug cartel in Mexico, trafficking fentanyl into the US, as well as human sex trafficking, which has only been aided by the leftist opposition to securing our borders tight, as they should be. A great example of this is the entire Obama administration who manipulated border perambulation to become useless, and in fact, placed water and emergency stations along the southern border for illegals to use, with directions written in Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and English.  
  Despite the pure hateful focused rhetoric we all keep hearing from the mainstream leftist/elitists against our President and the tariffs his administration has set forth, we know without a doubt they are weakening the Chinese manufacturing exports and slowing down all of Beijing’s economy, which means it is also slowing down their world domination plans. I think there is a saying that states the devil’s biggest accomplishment is spreading evil without anyone knowing it even exists, and that is what is happening. The divisional mindset of the progressive elitists and establishment politics on both sides is aiding the cultivation of our nation’s demise. The number of smoke screens being thrown to only divide our nation and take down our president are ridiculous.  These smoke screens are to conceal the continued erosion of our Constitutional REPUBLIC and put in place a stronger, more pure democracy, that will evolve very quickly into a Socialist Democracy then to a National Socialist/Fascist mindset, which will then easily be taken over by a Communist SuperPower, like China.
  Bill Gertz a national security columnist for the Washington Times, and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon, says that the Chinese Communist Party had instituted a system of high tech totalitarianism, and has the goal of implementing it globally.
I say, they already have.
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Citizen United VS FEC Issue Still Needs to be on the Front Burner
  Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) bans corporations and unions from independent political spending, as if its constitutional for the government to demand this of private American citizens and their businesses. What BCRA and those who support it got wrong was that they believed that they did have the authority over the people to stop their First Amendment rights. Well, many legitimate political scholars, understand it was clear that this kind of “oversight” (or tyranny) of free independent Americans was without a doubt unconstitutional and a way to allow those in power to stay in power. (It is bad enough that Congress has created a SEPARATE set of laws that they live under, once elected, as elitist who benefit from the fact that regular laws, which affect the common citizen, simply do not apply to them, but that is a topic for another article.) In 2008 a non-profit 501c4 group called Citizens United came along
and was slapped with a fine as their First Amendment rights were stifled by the FEC.
  The FEC (Federal Election Committee), are made up of six members who are confirmed by the Senate; the FEC prevented Citizen United from exercising their First Amendment right in showing a fact filled movie about the lefts’ precious Hillary Clinton. Then they did the unthinkable to the elitists of Congress, they sued for use of their First Amendment rights. One only needs to read the holding of the Supreme Court in their findings of this particular case to understand the constitutionality of it and know any bloviating from the left just keeps congress corrupt and separate from all other citizens of the United States.  
 From the Supreme Court of the United States blog, here is another example of telling the government what it CANNOT do to the people, which needs no other debate. “Political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, and the government may not keep corporations or unions from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections. While corporations or unions may not give money directly to campaigns, they may seek to persuade the voting public through other means, including ads, especially where these ads were not broadcast”. Clear, concise and exactly the right decision, in this case. 
  To go deeper into what I discussed above, let’s read how author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, George Will, explains how campaign finance reform is wrong: “Campaign finance reform = corruption. Let me say that again slightly rephrased, campaign finance reform corrupts the political system it presumes to save from corruption… Now don’t we want to get money out of politics? Isn’t campaign finance reform an inherent good?”  He explains that in 1969, Senator Eugene McCarthy, a Democrat, decided to challenge President Johnson, which was only possible because McCarthy and his very rich five liberal backers were against the Vietnam War, and they backed him with an incredible amount of money, equal today to the sum of $75 million dollars. George said,  “...but because of campaign finance reform, the most, a wealthy quintet could give to help an insurgent against an incumbent today would be $13,000.00… McCarthy didn’t win the nomination but he did compel Johnson not to run for a second term. In doing so McCarthy changed history.” George Will also explains how the elitist corruption was triggered by McCarthy.. “…but the Democratic Party establishment wasn’t happy about it. To stop it from happening again, they pushed for the government regulation of political speech…thus campaign finance reform was born.” “…whatever their stated intentions, campaign finance reform laws are not written to protect the public from corrupt politicians. They are written to protect incumbents from anyone who might challenge them.” He continues, “So, not only doesn’t campaign finance reform disrupt the status quo, it incases it in cement.” Then George emphasizes how all laws, past, present and future, regulating campaign finance have been and will be written by incumbent legislators. Again, easy spawning of corruption. This truly creates a protective wall between We The People and Congress. George continues “...but conformers say, ‘that politicians are bought and sold by big money interests, we have to stop this.’…but money is rarely given in order to change a politician’s vote. It is given in order to support politicians who already vote, the way the donors want them to.” Now that statement will make the liberal heads explode, but it is the truth, and we the people need to understand that. George says, “These reformers apparently think that what James Madison, the author of the Bill of Rights, meant when he wrote, ‘Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech’, was really, Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech unless incumbents think that abridgements will help keep them in office.” He finishes by saying, “Let me repeat myself now, for the third and final time, Campaign Finance reform is what it pretends to combat: corruption.”

Now Citizens United just did what no one else would do, and as free, law abiding American citizens, this type of action is what makes the difference in a Republic vs. a pure Democracy which is ripe for the growth of corruption. Citizens United’s actions were putting into effect the authority of We The People over the government, just as a Republic should.
  However, like always, the establishment who created the corruptive situation in the first place, are now demonizing individuals who are standing together in unity to dismantle their evils. So no matter what the establishment or others grumble about, the Supreme Court’s decision got it right in the Citizen United case, and protected We The People, and took away a small piece of the elitists laws of in our Congress. Make no mistake, the establishment Congress is very much the deepest part of the swamp in Washington D.C.
I’ll close with this key quote from the SCOTUS decision, “…political speech must prevail against laws that would suppress it…”
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Webster says hate is an intense hostility and aversion...
  I am a founding member of the Tea Party movement in Iowa and worked nationally for the past 10 years, we have worked to educate American citizens on their power as We The People, trying hard to educate about the good in our nation's foundation and bringing all people together as one, even though throughout history there has been many that aimed to discard that belief.
  The university of We The People is paramount to our Republic’s success, but the extreme leftist falsely accused us of being racists, hate mongers, and continuously fabricate connections to hate because we champion our founder’s vision. They ignore the university of the Tea Party and instead only try to single out only those of white skin. I have seen the real hate and violence, from the left nationwide in response to being in opposition to their beliefs. Yet, this is not what the leftist media reports, instead they wait to find something out of context and try to twist it to show that we are the hateful racists, which has never been true; absolutely dishonest and underhanded propaganda.
Let me be clear, I know that hate in our country is alive and well. Racism and bigotry are very much practiced, but one must step back and see how small the actual racist hate groups are, and how large hate and racism are manipulated into a much larger problem, and by whom.
  I have been preaching for over 10 years now, about Saul Alinsky’s rules for radicals, in which, he pushed “...accuse your opponent of what you are doing, to create confusion and to inculcate voters against evidence of your own guilt.” Is that not hate? To falsely accuse your enemy of your faults? It is infuriating, and that is also what he knew would happen as he pushed the art of ridicule that triggers anger, that you can then point your finger to.  Let that sink in for a minute and watch who continues to practice this hateful tactic in America today.
 Hate is Hitler’s brown shirts, who claimed to be for the people, preaching democratic national socialism (fascism) and rioting Jewish businesses, speakers, and ideologies by violence, intimidation and terrorizing the people who supported the Jews. Hate is Mussolini’s Black Shirts, who terrorized and intimidated those not supporting his national socialist ideologies. Hate is the KKK, white hooded creeps using the same tactic of violence, intimidation and terrorizing people who support blacks. We, today, have the cowardly fascists called Antifa, using hostility, intimidation, rioting and terrorism to destroy Patriots, Christians, Conservatives, and any champion of the United States of America, all while they use Alinsky’s rule to accuse others in order to hide their fascism and gain support for establishing a national democratic socialist agenda; ignored by the left wing propaganda media of CNN, MSNBC, and others, while the Democratic presidential candidates refuse to denounce them. Hate is in ANTIFA’s slogan “No Trump, No Wall, No USA at all”.  Think about that, “No USA at all” no unity? But instead they want diversity or division.  
  Hate is an action OPPOSITE of what Martin Luther King Jr.’s message was, to champion the character of a person, and not focusing or dividing by skin colors and pitting people against each other on purpose, such as demonizing the color of one's skin, you know, like insinuating that a white person has no color; white, black, brown, yellow, red, these are all colors.  
  Hate is changing our educational systems, to teach separation and ignoring the melting pot, equality of personhood, and E Pluribus Unum,, One People, We The People, “Americans”.  
  Hate is the DNC, Hillary Clinton, the Obama administration, and Russia, coordinating with each other, and a British spy, to create a false dossier to dishonestly frame the new President, and around the same time, the DNC, Hillary, and CNN deliberately scammed and lied to their own base of American citizens, when they cheated their own primary to ensure her winning the democratic nomination.
  Hate is the extreme leftist pushing a false narrative that our President has direct causation to the mass shooters, while at the very same time purposely ignoring that most of all mass murders share the ideologies of democrats, Antifa members, Satanists, and Muslims, and then continue to corrupt events and ideas to “resist” and obstruct ANYTHING our President tries to do that might be good for the American People.
  Hate is using Alinsky’s rules to not waste traumatic events like these horrific shootings to push Alinsky’s key to bringing in socialism by disarming the citizens ability to defend themselves from the government as to create a police state.
   Hate is ignoring science and pretending that it is healthcare and okay to murder an unborn child. Hate is sadly ignoring and shunning Angel Moms, whose children were murdered by illegal aliens and who now fight to secure our borders to keep Americans and our sovereignty safe. Hate is ignoring the cause of 9/11 and fighting to allow the over 700,000+ a year, illegals overstaying their visas. Hate is hiding illegal aliens in the same label as legal immigrants allowing the safety of American citizens to be compromised.  
 Hate is the demonizing of Peace Officers as a whole, throwing water, milk, and urine on them, just because they wear the uniform.  
 Hate is pitting rich against poor, just because they make more money, while hypocritically supporting the elitists who do the pitting.
 Hate is taking a sentence spoken by our President about what the Mexican government is doing  with their criminals, and outright twisting his words and lying about it to convince the public that he openly marks all Mexicans as criminals. Hate is allowing young girls to be sex trafficked across our porous borders by fighting against blocking illegal entry into our nation.
The truth is “Hate and racism will never go away until everyone lets go”and focus on one’s own personal character in the future.
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Climate Fudge?

  First and foremost, I want to thank the Lamoni Chronicle for having me back, to give a specific perspective of millions of American people, like me, who are not given the same equal platform in most papers across this country; for that, I salute the Chronicle.
  To be clear, what you are about to read is the same opinion of millions of Americans, who are ridiculed, attacked, black balled, belittled and outright bullied into submission and silence.
  In the 1970s scientists said, Global Cooling? Yup, nope, dang it! Then in the 1990s they said, Let’s try Global Warming? Yup, nope, dang it! So finally, in the 2000s they are saying, Okay fine, lets cover all our bases by calling it Climate Change to defer away from the actual Climate Variability aspect of the science itself. Yes! No one can claim there is no climate change! If they do, then we can call them crazy, and label them out of any serious credibility. Ha! Finally, we’ve got them!  
  Now, of course, I am being expansively tongue and cheek in this portrayal of how they manipulate to control the narrative, as if there is really a “they”. Or, am I?  
  In 1988 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was established, it was chartered by the United Nations. The same UN that was NOT designed to be the authority of the United States of America nor our sovereignty. The same UN that passed “their” resolution 3379, which called the act of Israel defending their country, a form of racism. (  It took 9/11 to finally get power within the UN to repeal it. The same UN, whose Human Rights Council was assessed by the US Ambassador as, “So Corrupt” and reported by the New York Times. ( ) The same UN that continues to attempt and force agenda 21 and it’s sustainable yoke on the necks of sovereign citizens.
  Two points of fact about the UN’s IPCC: 1. It was “created to provide policy makers with regular scientific assessments on climate change, its implications and potential future risks, as well as to put forward adaptation and mitigation options.” (  (note “policy makers”) 2. The IPCC does NOT conduct its own research. The research is chosen by the same UN we all know is full of corruption, and continued focused patterns that challenge the sovereignty of nations. So like any political platform, the UN is no different in corruption than Washington D.C., like this fiasco we all hear now as the Mueller Investigation. It is no different politics at state or local levels, it is the nature of the beast.

  If you think that all reputable scientists’ data is taken unbiasedly by the IPCC, it is simply not the case. In fact, to get around this, they (the IPCC) takes 31 of 32 multiple nation-sponsored computer programs that “Parameterize” the forecasted data of the warming of the atmosphere. (Parameterize?) Out of these 32 collective parameterized computer coded programs, only 1 of them is consistently accurate to the actual data studied year after year. Every year it shows that we are not in a global warming crisis at all, only heating up by minimal percentages, which is the reality of the data. The surface temperature of the Earth is only about 9/10ths of a degree C warmer than it was 100 years ago. No one is denying this, no republican, no tea party minded, or constitutional conservative is debating it AT ALL, we are NOT denying the SCIENCE as the left portrays, only the paid scientist who don’t know what is actually causing this minimal planet warming and coding programs that far exceeds the threat. Then we have manipulators like Al Gore, who predicted that 12 years from 2006 there would be world catastrophe, but all 10 of his predictions in his movie did not happen, and 2018 came and went, and now NY D Cortez is saying .”…The world is going to end in 12 years, if we don’t address climate change…” going off of the again fudged predictions of IPCC report.
  The UN is manipulating the reporting to be worse than it actually is, they take the 31 consensus programs and push that scare to control global political outcomes. While allowing the hard extreme leftists to demonize and discredit good honorable scientists who disagree with the tactics of the IPCC, and the reporting of it by the media, but not the science itself. “Hoax”? To be clear, hoax is not saying topic is false, but tweaks to trick from reality of it. All the folks I know, believe the theory is right, but somehow know that things like “Parameterizing” = the fudging of data by scientist that are being paid to find particular outcomes vs. being unbiased to the scientific data itself, as scientist ought to be. So it seems, that out of 32 programs, only one is adhering to the unbiased protocol. This is the problem millions of Americans see. Good scientists are demonized consistently, like the one I used as a resource for most of my knowledge on this subject, Dr. Patrick Michaels.  
  Dr. Michaels is the Director of the Study of Science at CATO Institute. He has both his AB and SM degrees in Biology, Sciences, and Plant Ecology from the University of Chicago, a PHD in Ecological Climatology from University of Wisconsin-Madison, he is the past President of the American Association of State Climatologists, is currently the Program Chairman of Committee and Applied Climatology of the American Meteorological Society, and has also been the Research Professor of Environmental Sciences for over 30 years at the University of Virginia, and if that is not enough, he is also a scientific Contributing Author and Reviewer at the United Nations IPCC. He knows what he is talking about, just like thousands of others. ('s%20Invasion%20of%20Our%20Government%20and%20Our%20Lives&f=false)
  For the record, we know of 31,487 American scientists alone, who are publicly trying to fight these manipulations to demonstrate that the claim of “settled science” and an overwhelming “consensus” in favor of the hypothesis of human caused global warming and consequent climatological damage is WRONG. That is 3,805 Atmosphere, Earth, and Environment American scientists, 935 Computer and Math American scientists, 5,812 Physics and Aerospace American scientists, 4,822 Chemistry American scientists, 2,965 Biochemistry, Biology and Agriculture American scientists, 3,046 Medicine American scientists, 10,102 General Engineering and General Science American scientists. All fighting to expose the “hoax”. (  
 Finally, I’ll end with this, “If you torture the data long enough, it will confess.” Nobel Prize winner Ronald Coase 1981
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)
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“Oppressors can tyrannize only when they achieve a standing army, an enslaved press, and a disarmed populace.” ~ James Madison

There were two sides in the constitutional debate of our founders when developing the 2 nd Amendment. The debate was about trying to iron out the roles of the federal government’s army and the state’s level army. In the end both sides agreed on the need for citizen militias. They urged for the “well regulated” militias, which is not saying regulations as laws and restrictions set by the federal government. In fact, the term “well regulated” used in the constitution, meant that this militia be very well trained, and understand discipline in said readiness. Furthermore, militias are made up of the entire local citizenship, who are the authority of our Republic, and take upon themselves the responsibility to be armed and well trained in all things of preparedness.  Why? Because our founders understood that this new government had to have an armed populace that could not be tyrannized ever again, from the top down. Thus, the tone set in the actual wording of the constitution and bill of rights, telling the government what it cannot do to the people. Knowing this understanding brings into light the very words within the second amendment, …the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.” There are two key words here, “people” and “infringed”. This last half of the 2 nd Amendment clearly focuses on the “people”, the citizenship; each and every person has the God given right to keep and bear arms. It also focuses on the law, that this right cannot be “infringed” upon, telling our government that it cannot actively break this agreement, cannot violate, fail to observe, or disobey it. It is also the first half of the 2 nd Amendment that extreme leftists, socialist, communist, Marxist, and progressivist have attempted to downplay and mock, which the astute citizen already knows to be true when it comes to the 2 nd Amendment. These extreme leftist try to ignore the second half of the 2 nd Amendment and focus only on the first half which states, “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state…” They twist the meaning of militia, and the meaning of well-regulated, to somehow try to make it say that only a “chosen” select group of citizens can make up this militia and have the right to bear arms, and not all of the people. They ignore the comma in the 2nd Amendment sentence.

I took this issue to two of my very good friends, Bill Norton of the National Center of Constitutional tudies and Richard Rogers, who is a board member of the Iowa Firearms Coalition.  Rogers cited that “...this particular argument was buried in the 2008 Supreme Court Decision, Its tombstone is known as the Heller Decision.  The Supreme Court also struck down and rightfully so, the firearms control regulations act of 1975 as unconstitutional.”  Bill Norton’s response was, “The best argument is to boil it down to the very simplest, natural law principle - the right of self-preservation.” This is the essence of not only the 2 nd amendment, but the entire Bill of Rights, these are NOT rights given to us by anyone or any government, they are the identified God given inalienable rights.

Going back to the 2 nd Amendment, let us look at another word and its meaning, “arms”. What does the phrase …to keep and bear arms, really mean? T.Rex Arms helped me out in my research, when they shared that in Samuel Johnson’s 1755 dictionary, the word arms is defined as “weapons of offense or armor of defense”. We can easily see why the founders wordsmithed the words as they did, because the meaning was very important to get right. John Cruslers 1794 lexicon says, “by arms we understand the instruments of offense, generally, made use of in war...” and finally, Noah Webster’s 1828 dictionary says, “Weapons of offense, or armor of defense…” Just 6 months after the Bill of Rights was enacted Congress passed two laws called the 1 st and 2 nd Militia Acts of 1792. The first gave the president the authority to call up the militias, and the second orders that all free men, get weapons of war, keep them, and be proficient with them in readiness. This goes directly to address how the 2 nd amendment was to be understood. 
  This alone, tells today’s government that the people need no permission to keep, carry, and have arms. ANYTHING outside the constitution itself, like laws of possession and carry are all infringements thereof. This brings to light why BIG government pushes the definition of our government as a democracy instead of the Constitutional Republic that it is,  because as a democracy, BIG government can and will vote out God given rights and claim it is for the good of the whole, while underhandedly enslaving the citizenship to the authority of a tyrannical developing government like Marxism, Communism, Socialism, and Fascism.

They will exploit horrible situations, such as mass shootings, as a means to reaching their goals, by focusing on eliminating the rights of the individual, instead of the CAUSE of the actual crime itself, which creates the victims in the first place, like ignoring the fact that the Gilroy shooter shared the ideology of Islam and was an Iranian Italian and NOT a white supremist, or that the El Paso Shooter was a champion of environmental activism with a progressive ideology, and that the Dayton shooter who killed his own sister, had a proud Satanist ideology and was a Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren fan. The media ignored these facts because they don’t fit their false narratives, even though they are in fact closer evidence to the cause, than the choice of weapons used in their horrible deeds. They focus on eliminating guns while they ignore mass killings of this year carried out with knives and other weapons. They can eliminate 100% of all guns, and these ideologies will still continue to find ways to have mass killings. If more citizens engaged in the congress passed militia acts, that alone would deter and stop more mass killings than create them.  Until then, lets all remember that the 2 nd Amendment is in fact put in place for the American people, all of the legal citizens of our Nation, to have the means to resist a government tyranny.

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     Let’s start this article off with two quick points, then I’ll explain afterwards: #1. The acknowledgment that your President’s actions, once he took office, did in fact “continue” the positive trends in our economy, tremendously, by cutting out the things that “would have” crashed our economy, hard, if these actions were not taken.  #2. I want to give a very rare nod to our past President Obama and his administration for keeping the interest rates right at 0% for his entire 8 years, which did actually keep us from falling into a depression; so yes, an acknowledgement there. However, he did so by printing over 5 trillion dollars bringing the value of the American dollar to the cellar door, but so many extreme leftist want to say our current president doesn’t want to admit any blame, while at the same time they ignore the fact that Obama blamed Bush for the economy his entire 8 years, and now he wants to take claim to the prosperity of our economy today, as if he made it happen in the first place, which all the leftist sheeple just continue to regurgitate the same false narrative. So, let’s look at some facts about the economy, shall we?

     As I said, yes, Obama and his people saved us from a depression by stopping at the cellar door, but that is where anything they did stops. In fact, the truth is that under Obama, over 9 trillion dollars in debt was added to America, more than every single president before him combined, never in US history has that ever been done. This huge “mortgage” set by Obama, did save us from a depression, but it lowered the value of our dollar, which means that that debt continues forward, horribly, through the amount of non-sustainable government spending that was created by him in the first place. His administration also increased regulations and higher taxes for “we the people” to pay. This in itself increased the power AWAY from the people and strengthened his socialistic BIG government control being held OVER the people’s head. So all this debate of trend lines and the statistics of GDP growth should not be contested by either side, it did start with Obama, barely keeping us out of a depression, however, the outstanding decision by Donald J. Trump and his administration, to strip the Obama era regulations and eliminate the amount of taxes on the backs of the people, are exactly what was needed to be done in 2016-17 to continue said GDP growth and the climbing trend lines. Here is the kicker, the focus of doing this by President Trump, proves he is doing his best for every type and class of We The People, not just the rich, as the extreme leftists lie about every day.

     This sole action of deregulation and cutting taxes of the Obama era, by the Trump administration actually helped entrepreneurs at the lowest levels to thrive; it’s a no brainer. Therefore the average poor American can start a business without the costly suppressive regulations and high taxes that prevented them from doing so before. This increases the job market for lower and middle classes with faster productivity within the labor force, which brings with it, competition and higher wages. This would of NEVER HAPPENED if the Obama economy would have been allowed to continue. Even a simple mind, like myself, who has never taught a college course, can understand this. Less regulations, less taxes equals better policies for quicker growth for the American people at every level, and every demographic.

     Supporting an all-powerful big government, like the progressives do, creates a tyrant mindset, and a tyrant mindset regime will never be able to rule a stable society. We see this in almost every large city ran by democrats, as Col. Allen West pointed out, when he said that the Democratic policies of more regulations, and higher taxes, have absolutely aided in the development of economic plantations in almost all the major cities within the United States, which leads to higher crime of all levels, he continued in saying that it seems that it is especially in these highly democrat ran cities that these crimes are hardly ever covered on any kind of national dialogue. The Chicago weekly shootings, the 130,000 homeless in California, the rundown city of Detroit, the rat infested city of Baltimore, etc. Why would we want this same type of tyrant mindset regimes as a national governing economy? Because of the decisions made by the current administration, the unemployment rate is 3.7%, Blacks have it better than ever. Latinos have it better than ever. Women have it better than ever. Why would anyone want to change back to a socialistic big government control, shackling the people once again with regulations and tax burdens?
     Let’s take Elizabeth Warren, for example, she proposes in moving $50,000 in student debt, per household earning less than $100,000, to the taxpayers. So those who choose not to go to college will now be held accountable in paying for the elitist’s education. Eliminating student debt nationally would cost the taxpayers a minimum of $1.6 trillion dollars, but the total is still unknown. CBO also states that simply raising the minimum wage to $15.00 an hour would lose a minimum of 3.7 million jobs right off the bat. The green new deal, (which is hardly about being green but more about taking it) would cost upward of $93 trillion dollars for you, the taxpayers. Warren supports free Medicare for all, which is another $32 Trillion dollars added to the tax bill of the American people. All of this will not just take the 1% paying 100% of all the money they make, but send out heat seeking tax burdens that will create a national situation like Chicago, Detroit, California or Venezuela.  
       Let’s be responsible stewards and come up with solutions to pay down our debt and deficit, by doing something, like implementing Lean Six Sigma and the Penny Plan, instead of plundering resources that simply are not there. Let’s keep the power to the people and keep the yoke of tyranny off our necks.

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The Electoral College, a shield of the people, being attacked to strip away more of our defense against tyranny. In 1787 when this new form of government (a Representative Republic) in the world was formed, developed within it, was the “protection” of the electoral college for the people.  At that time, all knew that there is a responsibility and a duty that comes with being a citizen of the United States of America, more so than just our vote. Up to this point in history, most have only dealt with monarchies, dictatorships, oligarchies, and socialistic governments, where the authority always dictated from the top down, and they never lasted because of it. The government mandating, what the people can and cannot do, but now with this new government, this new law of the land, (our Constitutional Republic), working hand and hand with the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights is just the opposite of anything that existed before, it tells the government what it cannot do to the people.
  This very unique new government, made it so that the citizens themselves are the authority thereof.  The citizens must be engaged to make the Republic work; a self-governing government. Yes, there are small acting parts of democracy within this new government, but a more harnessed democracy, controlled and directed by the engagement of each individual citizen, which changes a democracy into our Constitutional Representative Republic. No more standing as a democracy voting in leaders to be the dictators of the people who voted in the leadership. This acknowledgement of the people to work hard, as a free people, to defend each and everyone’s individual sovereignty based on the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and Bill of Rights, is in itself, the act of exercising citizenship for America. Being a representative republic throws away the idea that majority rules, and our separation of powers (Executive, Judicial, and Legislative), insures the checks and balances the people have, to hold the government accountable for the citizenship. It’s important here, to note that our system, if honored as the rule of law, is what prevents us from ever falling into a dictatorial-rule, top down, style of government. The Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights are in fact, collectively, a call to action for American citizens to individually stand up, and get engaged; I cannot emphasize that enough.

The opposition to the electoral college will try and tell you that the very reason for it, gives an unfair representation of less populated states over more populated ones, while hiding the fact that they are actually saying the less populated state’s voice should not matter in the greater grand scheme of things; just another wolf telling the lambs what is for supper. You see, this same opposition will give you polls of the American people that support eliminating the electoral college, when in fact polls are useless on this subject, because the majority of high school, college, graduates or citizens have no clue of what the electoral college even is, let alone know why it was developed in the first place. I challenge anyone reading this article, to go ask the first 10 people they see and have them explain the electoral vote. I think Alexander Hamilton explained the importance best in the Federalist Papers #68, when he stated, that electors come directly from the people and they alone for that purpose only, and for that time only. It is suppose to avoid a party ran legislature or a governing body influenced by interests outside each state that differs from themselves, that no corruption in one state can affect another state’s outcome. In fact, I like the way he describes the makeup of the “United” States of America, when he points out the clear sovereignty of each individual state and the Electoral College Vote, then gathers the will of the “United”, and not the dictatorship of a “majority.”

Our Constitutional Republic is, respecting, honoring, and defending the liberties to all ends possible. This new form of government took away any obedience to a monarch and replaced it with the Constitution, for We The People, for E Pluribus Unum (from the many one) for the “United” States of America. Not the united 10 states of America.
  This very way of life is what made America the most beneficial nation on Earth, and yes, even today, socialistic and communistic mentalities around the globe continued to try and dominate world government, and many times targeting our very way of liberty, as an obstacle. This new American experiment has lasted over 243 years, but not without a steady drip, drip, drip, of socialism, communism, fascism, Marxism, and humanism, that is slowly eroding away our system of government, almost as fast as we the people try to perfect it. The erosion leads us back to a new and improved example of failed governments of the past.
  So, to prevent mob rule over every state, the founders put a protection in that gives each state at the very least 3 electoral votes, then that way each state will have at least 1 representative for the house and 2 senators for the senate. Population then comes into play and assessed, to determine more representatives for each state. This is fair, as fair can be, to keep the states “United”.
  That brings me to the big picture, of why the far leftists are attacking the electoral college, the open borders, the citizenship question on the national census, capitalism, and whether or not the constitution is outdated. They strategically want to erode that which our nation is built on, to “fundamentally change” it to a submissive society that answers to an elitist oligarchy style of socialist governing. Not at all a fear mongering statement, which the opposition will tell you, but there are factual events happening, in a purposeful, large scale, synergistic effort to “transform” America, to something it is not, nor was ever meant to be. The electoral college did exactly what it was supposed to do, it prevented Hillary Clinton from taking the presidency with 19 states as opposed to Donald J. Trump’s 31 states.

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“NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, not even the President of the United States.”This was recently stated by Democrat Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, Democrat Representative, Adam Shift, Democrat Senator, Bernie Sanders, House Judiciary Committee Chairman, Jerrold Nadler, and yet again, by Democrat Senator, Chuck Schumer. I am so glad that these witch-hunters, all together, pow-wowed to come up with such perfect talking points for their ersatz investigations to “cover up” the actual Russian Collusion/Foreign Interference/and Treasonous Actions of Corruption, which is why it does not surprise me, that the witch hunt dream team of Mueller, Comey, Rosenstein, Strozk, Page, McCabe, Bruce and Nelly Ohr, as well as other players, have actual evidence against them, which was ignored in this investigation. I guess I should say that I am very glad they are tying their own noose, by saying no one is above the law, and that coverup and obstruction are unlawful events, and should be prosecuted. Thus far, Hillary is the largest recipient of being just that, above the law. Thank God that November 8th, 2016, was a glorious day when she lost the presidential election.    

 After 675 days of “cover up” investigation, over 500 witnesses, 2,800 subpoenas, 500 search warrants served, and over $25 million of taxpayer money spent, what do we have to show for it? Nothing, Zero, Nada, Nichts. The extreme leftists continue to say that that is not true, that there were 34 indictments that came from it, however, what they fail to tell you, is that absolutely none of those 34 had anything to do with (nor was there any) collusion between the Russians and President Trump’s campaign. (

 You see, what is supposed to have happened was to first find a legitimate cause to begin the investigation, then once established through an authentic and verified FISA application report, warrants issued and arrests made. However, in this case, the application was fraudulent, dishonest, and an attempt to illegally influence the election by colluding with foreign assets and framing then candidate Trump,who is now our President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.  

 We The People know that once a special investigation on specific illegal activity begins, any and all found illegal activities, “actual crimes” that are found in the process should be indicted and prosecuted, while the investigation moves forward; in this case they were looking for “Russian Collusion” and or “Foreign Interference” and “Treasonous Actions of Corruption.”

None were found with the Trump campaign, yet plenty of blatant exploitation from the left, which was totally ignored, was found. These criminal acts must be prosecuted for the FBI to be trusted and respected once again. Most Americans who do the research on this witch hunt and not just blindly follow the very extreme leftist news organizations propaganda, will know that a tremendous injustice is being conducted by the very proven biased FBI leadership and former Obama administration appointees. This “witch hunt dream team” of Mueller’s, and the extreme leftist are clearly operating a Gestapo style investigation in broad daylight, allowing some to be above the law, and the leftist news outlets are playing along with them; maybe that is why MSNBC and CNN have lost over 36% of their viewers over the past few months, but I digress.  

 From the Uranium One deal, to Benghazi, to the Hillary email investigations, and the amount of evidence within those emails and texts, which show Hillary cheating with DNC and CNN in debates, to lying about highly classified material on a hidden server in her basement and Comey lying about nointent being found, and then to tell the American people that there is no reason to charge her for these crimes, even though federal law states that “Gross Negligence” in the handling of our country’s classified material does NOT require for the defendant to act intentionally or recklessly.  It takes intentto place a personal server in the basement of your home in order to hide top secret information, it takes intentto bleach bit, as to destroy evidence on a hard drive prior to turning it in, and it takes intentto destroy communication devices with a hammer. Yet the extreme leftist puppets ignore all that, and accept this report by Comey; absolutely brainwashed.

 Now we the people are to accept the corrupted, and dare I say, treasonous actions of the Clinton Foundation, DNC, Fusion GPS organization, and Obama’s FBI, who actually spied on an American citizen, then paid for a foreign spy to collude with the Russians to create a false dossier, which Obama's administration allowed to go forward after knowing it was false to attain FISA warrants to continue a witch hunt to destroy a sitting president before and after he was elected. Clearly, everyone leading and involved in this Mueller/Clinton Foundation/DNC/ investigation seem to all be part of a coup that should go down in history as the greatest attempt to a government take over since the Civil War. The South lost that one, and hopefully, God willing, the extreme leftists will lose this one as well.

 I will finish with this, with all the bombasting coming from the progressive extreme leftist about evil lobbyist, Russian collusion, and horrible capitalists, why in the world would they hide the fact of all the Russian lobbying being done by the very same players screaming an injustice to the American people? Yes I am talking about the Clinton Foundation, their ties to Russia and John Podesta and big money, while crying about losing power in 2016; read this:

 I tried to post the timeline of these investigation events that lead up to all this summary and it came out to be 5k+ words, of which I am only allowed 1k. I will do a longer article and post it on my new website,, so you can see the insane amount of hypocritical corruption, accusations and pure hate that is being pushed and condoned by the extreme leftist all in the name of big democratic party state.


Lets summarize the timeline, shall we?


1.    The starting point of which the Mueller investigation needs to start is under the Obama administration.  

2.    At that time in ranking order the FBI was led by Mueller, who directed Comey, then McCabe, then Strozk and Page, of which the opposite is true where Strozk and Page answered to McCabe to Comey to Mueller.

3.    The bias majority of this FBI leadership were registered democrats and/orgave donations to Obama campaigns and Hillary campaigns or both.  The leftist that are pandering to this democrat “cover up” try to deflect this by saying Mueller and Comey are registered Republicans, but that means nothing when uncovering the blatant cover up relationships each had with the Obama appointees and Clinton foundation, and the actions their orders witness to, when development of the false FISA warrant information was being conducted.

4.    Clearly this Mueller Investigation will show abuses of process, double standards of prosecution, and corruption at the highest levels which all feeds the terminology used in describing this fraudulent investigation as a “witch hunt” and “actions of obstruction by the investigators” themselves will prove that the Obama FBI colluded and plotted with the Obama administration, the DNC and foreign assets to destroy Donald J. Trump.

5.    The Nunes memo and future DOJ actual and real investigation will point out a timeline of evidence that should not of been ignored and brought forward of the real crimes and cover ups, and framing made by the actual colluders and corruptors, then we the people will see if the famous democratic party phrase of “no one is above the law…” is proven true or not.

6.    The known evidence important to and relevant to this investigation, starts in 2010 with the then head of FBI under Obama, Mueller, and as my friend Congressman Louie Gohmert said public ally in 2018 that “Robert Mueller has done more damage during his 12 years as FBI director than any other, probably all directors put together… he’s hired people like Weissmann that worked with him and Rosenstein in investigating the Russian illegal effortsto obtain our uranium which they quashed information in order to allow the sale to go through so that Hillary could get the $145 million for her foundation.”

7.    Then on 9/11 2012 the Benghazi incident happened and the lies put forward by the Obama administration and Hillary which killed 4 American soldiers and Stevens that triggered an uproar of the American people about this scandal.

8.    Then Hillary quit as Secretary of State in 2013 which during her time she used private DOS email addresses hosted on her personal server in the basement of her home in N.Y.

9.    Then in June of that year an energy consultant by the name of Carter Pageis investigated by the FBI, hmmm wonder if that had anything to do with the Uranium?

10.  Shortly there after in July Comeytakes over for Mueller as head of FBI.

11.  By 2014 in May a select congressional committee was set to investigate Benghazi and Hillary’s failures in State Dept to help those poor Americans who were murdered there giving the terrorist their 9/11 celebration victory.

12.  2015 in March the NYT reported that indeed Hillary used private email account as secretary of State. During that same month Andrew McCabe’s wifeannounces her run for Virginia state Senate and Andrew begins to work on any conflicts within the FBI the same day.

13.  Then in April Hillary announces her run for the Presidency.

14.  Two months later Trump announces the same.

15.  Then out of the blue it was found that the Russian’s security service hacks the DNC servers. That gives the leftists ammunition for proof of influence the 2016 election.

16.  The following July the Inspector General alerts the FBI that classified information was being stored on Hillary’s private server. The FBI names Peter Strzokas a lead investigator for that. (Hmmmm interesting)

17.  Free Beacon that fall then hires a firm called Fusion GPS to investigate the GOP candidates to include Trump.

18.  A PAC related to VA Governor Terry McAuliffe makes a large donation to Jill McCabe’s campaign, but to no avail as she loses the race.

19.  The following February Andrew McCabeis promoted to Deputy Director of the FBI and takes over the Hillary server investigation.

20.  March of 2016 Strzok texts Lisa Pagecalls Trump an idiot, says Clinton should win 100,000,000-0” he later jokes that he is his own party called “Espionage Machine Party.” These texts continued showing his bias and hate from Candidate Trump.

21.  Trump then named Papadopoulos and Page as part of his foreign policy team.

22.  Finally in April when it is clear Trump will be the nominee, Fusion GPS approaches the Clinton campaign and DNC about digging up dirt on Trump and Marc Elias a lawyer who works for both hires them to do so.

23.  The same month Papadopoulos is contacted by a Russian government contact that they have “dirt” on Hillary in the form of emails. (Hmmmm what convenient timing.)

24.  Then in June the DNC’s OPPOSITION RESEARCH FILE on Trump is released.

25.  Now this is what is soooooo ignored and above the law within the Mueller report: during this same month, Christopher Steelea foreign spy was hired by Fusion GPS in which he files 17 reports with his, (Christopher Steele’s) “collusion from the Russians”

26.  In July Steele tells the FBI what he has.

27.  Then Comey writes his summary of this Hillary investigation prior to interviewing Hillary where there were no recordings of this interview, and despite all the concrete evidence against Hillary that would put you or I in jail for years in a federal prison and that is much more heinous that any of the 37 actually indicted by the Mueller report, Comey after reading this long list of lies and corruption Hillary did on prime time publicly at the end said he is not recommending charges because there was no “intent”.  (What? You got to be kidding me)

28.  In July of 2016 the FBI then starts an investigation on Trump’s campaign connections with Russian agents.  

29.  The husband of Hillary’s assistant Huma Abedin in September is accused of online interactions with a minor.

30.  Then Steele begins to push to news agencies reports that Page met with Russians. Then Page leaves the Trump campaign.  

31.  In September Steele again meets with an FBI contact in Rome Italy. (Why?)

32.  A Hillary Clinton text to Donna Brazil chair of the DNC and CNN contributor, dated October 17, 2016 states this: “If that F#$%^ bastard wins, were all going to hang from nooses, you better fix this sh*#@!”

33.  On Oct 31st2016 Donna Brazil was fired from CNN about her “cheating” “colluding” with Hillary Clinton by giving her debate questions prior to debates.  Even though reports say it was on the 14ththat she turned in her resignation, either way, Hillary was angry that info got out to the public and texted what she did, so either Hillary texted that and then Donna helped her cheat the debates then got fired for it, or Donna cheated for Hillary and because it got out Hillary texted what she did. Either way, they both are cheaters, corruptors and liars, and Hillary got away with it with no repercussions.

34.  In October Huma Abedin’s husbands computer was found to have Clinton’s emails sent to it and back to Hillary’s private server.

35.  Then to wag the dog a bit, the government issues a warning about Russia trying to influence the election coming up.

36.  The FBI then begins to use FISA warrants based on and authorized because of the Steele dossier turned into the FBI.

37.  Comey then tells congress that new information coming in is being assessed.

38.  On October 31stthe NYT reports that the FBI does not see any clear link between Trump and Russia according to the testimony of Fusion GPS’s Simpson. So this triggers a disconnect between Steele and the FBI.  Reports shows that some of Steele’s expenses were paid by the FBI.

39.  On November 6thComey says new evidence don’t change the FBI’s Clinton non charges.

40.  Then on Nov 8thDonald J. Trump becomes the President of the United States.

41.  In December Steele writes the last of his bought and paid for dossier report.

42.  Then in January Comey briefs Trump on the dossier.

43.  Democrats and liberals are hysterical with hate on the election and are already saying they will impeach him.  You know, like hunting for evidence, that is not there. Kind of like the hysterical citizens did over false accusations during the witch trials in Salem years ago.  But again I digress.

44.  As the still Obama FBI and democrats continued to only investigate Trump campaign personnel, Rep. Devin Nunes announces to investigate Russain meddling and any connections to all political campaigns.

45.  Jeff Sessions of the DOJ rightfully recuses himself from any involvement from the Russia investigation. However, that is when President Trump should of replaced Sessions for greater accountability of the investigation.

46.  In March Trump was mocked for telling the American people that he was wired tapped and spied on prior to the election.

47.  Comey then testified to House Intelligence Committee that indeed they were investigating the Trump campaign but did notwiretap his office.

48.  April Rosenstein is confirmed as the deputy attorney general to replace Sessions’s recusal which puts him in charge of the Russia investigation.

49.  Then in May the President fires Comey. Clearly a wise decision.

50.  Comey then leaks information to the NYT in a false accusation of obstruction which cannot be supported by any evidence.

51.  Then for some ungodly reason, Rosenstein appoints Mueller of all people to special council to take over the Russian investigation. Remember #6 above? Then Mueller puts Strzok and Lisa Page on his investigation team?  Remember #20 above?

52.  August Christopher Wray is new FBI director.

53.  Sessions seem to ignore and delay house requests for subpoena requests from the DOJ

54.  On October 24ththe Steele dossier was confirmed to be funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign, yet lame stream toe to line media hardly covered that bit of information.

55.  Muellers team begin to charge the famous 37 for things found during investigation like money laundering, lying to the FBI, etc even though none of those have anything to do with Russia and Trumps campaign, yet the news reports leaves those details out. For example instead of saying Flynn lied about his former dealings prior to the campaign, with other nations, they say instead, Flynn admits to lying to the FBI.  

56.  Last year Nunes suggests to Rosenstein that the committee is expanding the investigation to include the DOJ’s handling of the Russia investigation itself.

57.  Last January Nunes committee writes a 4 page document summarizing that the FBI abused its power in its investigation of Trump’s campaign. Showing the truth that the Steele dossier should not have been issued at all due to its biased political motivations to create it through foreign influencers. And the democrats are arguing that this Nunes document is handpicked info and its irrelevant because it is classified. (Really?)

58.  Rosenstein resigns on his own volition as the investigation puts him in a negative light, since it was he who approved the request to renew the Page warrant after taking office and being the lead on the Russia investigation.  

59.  As this memo becomes focused upon, and the up coming inspector generals report on the Clinton email investigation, on January 29th2019 McCabe resigns from the FBI.  

60.  On February 2ndthe Nunes memo is released.

61.  Seems Steele has gone into hiding and no one wants to find him. (Hmmmm, again how convenient)

62.  Then on February 18th, Forbes posts an article full of proof of Russian collusion with the Clinton foundation,  and where John Podesta was a lobbyist for Russia’s largest bank, who also promoted the uranium one stock on wall street and so much more.

It is my prediction that as we move forward we will see that Obama’s administration appointees and FBI all colluded with the Clintons and DNC and foreign influencers to execute a coup on a sitting president.  


“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

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