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I received an email from the Deputy Associate Director out of the White House, Belsis F. Romero, inviting me to a special conference call Focus on the COVID-19 Virus, with Vice President Pence.  I sent my RSVP for the meeting, and Mr. Romero replied right away, sending me the call-in number along with my individual ID code to be part of the meeting.  
The call started at 1200hrs on April 2, 2020.  Ms. Jennifer Korn, the Deputy Director and Special Assistant to the President hosted the call, and introduced herself, and then told us that the Vice President was also on the line.  She thanked us all for being on the call especially on such short notice, and again said, thank you.    
  Ms. Korn explained that the Vice President wanted to utilize us as part of a strategic plan to do all we can as a nation to combat the Coronavirus Crisis. The conference call included a little over 500+ of some of the top on-the-ground conservative leaders in the country to help communicate and coordinate actions to at least slowdown, and help stop, the spread of this virus. It was at this time that she introduced and then turned over the meeting to the Vice President of the United States,

 Mike Pence. He thanked us all for our work over the last decade and showed us respect for the progress which the conservative movement has made in the recent past. He was very specific that they were not making this call, or simply providing the information as a press release, or that the White House was seeking recognition for its COVID-19 response. However, they felt it was necessary to not only use all resources available to the nation but to reach out to grassroots leaders, so they can, in turn, communicate with their network of conservative leaders to be yet another avenue in getting vital information out to all citizens, because of what the media does by not airing the President's press conferences, as well as the fact that not everyone watches the news. He asked us to encourage our networks and other citizens, and relay the message of what We The People can do to help fight this virus as a united nation.

  He talked about starting this month of April as a 30-day focus, if you will, on taking the necessary actions to help everyone with maintaining better health and easing the public’s worries over the virus, doing the things that will gain confidence in the American people, which will aid in calming panic situations. Things like doing everything that we can to maintain social distance, as to not put others in danger of contamination. Do not go anywhere unless you must go to work, the grocery store, or a medical facility, always staying calm for the next 30 days of focus. Vice President Pence stated that the President has sat down with major grocery distributors and got a commitment not to close down as long as we can keep transportation steadily bringing needed supplies. They are working with the trucking industries to deliver to the biggest cities first, where the virus is the strongest and then also continue everywhere else. To do other things, such as going to the supermarket every few days to get 10 items or less each time to make sure stocks are not depleted prior to truckers bringing in future supplies. This will help to prolong any running out of supplies issues for your local communities. Vice President Pence was strongly focused on reminding us to adhere to these suggestions and requests as they will help tremendously in combating this virus.
We keep hearing how important it is to wash our hands, use disinfectant wipes, don't touch your face, etc., but what is not talked about enough is washing hands for at least 20 seconds. Use soap and scrub well during that timeline of 20 full seconds.
  We need to write to our governors and make sure they are doing all they can to unite with the federal government and the American people in eliminating this virus.  To drop any and all political differences, as there will always be time for that. Vice President Pence said that the federal government will do all they can, and currently are, but the governors also need to work with all citizens and the federal government to eliminate this virus.  
  It truly is a shame that the media are so biased that some are not even showing President Trump’s daily press conferences, especially during his opening statements. The American people need to hear what is being done, and the positives to be reported to also calm any tensions that will lead to panic and worse. The Vice President shared about the “air bridges” that have been formed to help the airlines a little while making a priority flight bridge to some of the most critical cities in need of supplies.  
  Vice President Pence encouraged us to ask all peoples in the country to spread the good news when they find some. Things that show what America is made of, those that are great examples of the American Spirit. For example, when churches volunteer to step up to the plate and service their communities with many great ideas, or the individual who decided to make good home-cooked meals for truckers as they pass through their communities. Actions that will inspire others to do the same, all of which aids in defeating this virus as a united people.
  Vice President Pence thanked God, and rightly so, that we are a free-market enterprise because the federal government is releasing and/or ignoring some regulations to keep everything moving. Big companies and corporations have stopped making their products and switched to making masks as well as other medical necessities along with respirators and other greatly needed items.

  There is a community in Iowa where a very rich man decided to give a gift card to every member of his community to assist them in these hard times of layoffs and mandatory shutdowns. So many examples of good news happening that the media should be reporting on, instead of using their political biases to stoke panic and hate.
  He said to make sure we remind the people to thank the medical professionals- bottom to top. They are not home, they are in the hospitals, staying in order to not risk infecting their families and others. Say a prayer for the nurses, who deal with the worst of it.
Also, reach out to organizations helping the communities, such as all religious groups and churches. The President has been in touch with the religious communities throughout the U.S. as well.
  With all of these in mind, we also must consider thanking all those in the service industry, delivering take out, and working all odd hours. Thank all police officers/law enforcement; remember they are in the front lines all the time, and now they need medical donations as well, due to a lot of them have donated their stuff to the hospitals at the beginning, or just simply running out because they are on the streets of our nation 24/7.

  So, I ask each of you reading this article, to use your networks to connect with people and push these issues. By doing this, we all are multiplying the amount of Positive American University to combat this virus as One Nation, One People, E Pluribus Unum (from the many one). Call your elected officials at every level and demand they stop creating obstacles for the administration. The President is fighting for all the people of this nation. Calling those leaders at the grassroots level and understanding that they are a unified, yet strategic part of being a united nation of We The People shows just that, we are The United States of America. I am so proud of our Vice President and his task force for taking the initiative to do this.    
  Vice President Pence finished the meeting by thanking the people on the call for their key roles. He reminded us to not leave any stone unturned when communicating these ideas and spreading the good in America.  If you want to see more, please go to 

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 During the entire Obama administration, and the last 3 years, we were constantly being told and mocked by democrats, saying “No one is coming to take away your guns.”
Rep. Jim Himes (D) CT said, “…that is where the insanity is.” That no one is going to take away your guns. Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) CA said,  “…nobody is talking about taking guns away from the people.” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D) CT said, “…in no way would any of us infringe on anyone’s 2nd amendment rights.” Barrack Obama said, “…the fact that people are saying myself, Hillary, democrats are trying to take away your guns, is just not true.”
  We are constantly being told talking points by sheeple from the democratic base, to “…Stop being paranoid, no one wants to take your guns.” Yet, democratic presidential candidates like Francis O’Rourke, who said, with huge applause of the democratic base “…hell yes we are coming for your AR15s, your AK47s…” Rep (D) TX Castro said, we need a renewed weapons ban from the American people”, along with others. all while behind the scenes in our state governments, State assemblies and other liberal controlled cities and states keep introducing legislation that erodes on those very 2nd amendment rights while in sheep’s clothing labeling it, “gun safety”.

  Now through the help of a 1% “old rich white guy” and a democratic socialist elitist who is also a democrat presidential candidate, Bloomberg, poured money into the State of Virginia State legislators to introduce and pass SB16, SB18, and SB64 ( ), which are absolutely gun confiscation bills.
  This is being written the day before 10s of thousands of Virginia’s citizens planned a peaceful armed march on their capital, to show the very democratic legislators and their democratic governor, Ralph “black-face” Northam, that the Virginia citizenship are against said bills. Northam, who got a pass from his party for dressing up black-faced in college, while so many others were labeled racist because they were not democrat, is actively trying to discredit this crisis by creating a worse one; Saul Alinsky/George Soros 101.

76 out of 95 counties in the state of Virginia, 9 out of 38 independent cities, and 13 towns have adopted the Second Amendment Sanctuary resolutions to protect themselves from the socialist style, oligarchy forming a mindset of their state’s democratic majority at the state house.  
  This is no theory being twisted, that is why CNN, MSNBC, New York Times and other very biased democrat media have been silent on this Constitutional crisis. Do not allow socialist hacks to tell you any different. The sheriffs of those 76 counties all support stopping the unconstitutional efforts being proposed by their state legislators. Sheriff Scott Jenkins of Culpeper county, is leading coordination efforts to prevent the suggestions of the Governor and others to make law-abiding citizens, felons, by owning and not turning in their weapons, if and when these bills pass this spring. Sheriff Jenkins told The Epoch Times,  “I plan to properly screen and deputize thousands of our law-abiding citizens to protect their constitutional right to own firearms.” Many of the other sheriffs do not disagree on this tactic if necessary. The state constitution is clear on the forming of militias, and no matter what socialists try to tell you, it does not mean the national guard. (  The sheriffs nationwide, only answer to the people, they are the “civil authority” and not the state, nor federal government. This is true with all states in the union, free states, united nationally, thus the United States of America.
  However, Governor “Black Face” Northam has now responded by labeling these 76 counties, 10s of thousands of Virginia’s Law Abiding Citizens, County Sheriffs, and the militias, as “racist”, “white supremist”, “armed militias”, and saying that they are planning on “Storming” the capital, which is a 100% twisted lie, as this peaceful armed march has been planned for months now, and none of them deserve those labels. Yet the Governor in his press conference never denounced nor warned of the very violent, fascist and communist group ANTIFA, who also announced they were going to be there. This outright unprofessional and irresponsible ploy to create chaos, fear, and dishonest reporting of what happens on Martin Luther King Jr. Day is reckless at best, but without a doubt setting up false reporting of the patriots and law-abiding citizens showing up for this event. Let’s hope nothing happens, but you will be reading this after the fact.

So let me add this factual list of happenings for your understanding of what the progressive leftist, elitists, and socialists, are beginning to unfold here in America, while they ignore history.
  In 1911, Turkey established gun control, and from 1911-1917, 1.5 million Armenians unable to defend themselves were eradicated. In 1929, the Soviet Union established gun control, from 1929-1953, they eliminated over 15 million non-conformist. In 1938, Germany established gun control, from 1938-1945, more than 13 million trade unionist, mentally handicapped, Jews and others who were unable to defend themselves, were exterminated. China established gun control in 1935, from 1935-1952, over 20 million citizen political dissidents with no defense of their own, were decimated by their government. Guatemala established gun control in 1964, and from 1964-1981, 100,000 Mayan Indians unable to defend themselves were annihilated. Uganda established gun control in 1970, from 1970-1979, 300,000 Christians with no means of defending themselves were destroyed. Cambodia established gun control in 1956, from 1956-1977,  more than a million western educated citizens unable to defend themselves were put to death.
I don’t care if you mock me on these truths, but Pelosi and establishment party leaders are doing all they can to fundamentally change our “Constitutional Republic” with a “Socialist Democracy” while systematically recreating the “power” from citizenship, to an elitist oligarchy, making party politics more important than our beloved Constitution of the United States.  I’ll leave you with this quote from our President:
“They are not after me, they are after you (We The People), I am just in the way.”
President Donald J. Trump
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  Nothing is embarrassing the democratic party more than their blind hate, twisted truths, and outright hypocritical accusations against the President of the United States. Why is it embarrassing for them? Because We The People of the United States are all becoming “woke” when witnessing the fraudulent activities and disrespectful actions of the Democrats across the board.  
  What started with the #Walkaway movement, ( with hundreds of democrats leaving the party was then joined by the #Blexit movement  (, thousands more black Americans now leaving the democratic party, donning their red MAGA hats and speaking out at rallies and events nationwide, while being aired on many venues: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and local media, and now there is another demographic joining this great exodus, #Jexit (, made up of Jewish Americans leaving the party. In addition to these movements, the #1 social media app in the world called TicTok is being overwhelmed with younger Americans from all over the country proudly showing their support for their President and also wearing their Trump 2020 hats. This is all just a small taste of what the democratic party is directly causing to happen across our nation with their hateful agenda. Even Democratic Congressman Jeff Van Drew (NJ) left the party and became Republican over the crooked, unfair, impeachment fiasco of the democratic leadership.
  The President of the United States could single-handedly develop the cure for cancer, and the democratic party would try to impeach him for it, while all the sheeple in wolves' clothing across the country would write their twisted talking points in local papers and other venues in support of it. Thank God in Heaven, the American People are waking up and stepping away from the bad example the extreme leftists continue to lead by.
  A recent example is the killing of Iran’s very evil, demonic, general Soleimani.  This terrorist killed over 600 Americans, funded, trained and deployed IEDs that sent many Americans home without legs, arms, and skin, to deal with for the rest of their lives.  Just in 2019 alone he coordinated the following: in May, an attack on an oil tanker, in June, the shooting down of a US drone, in July, the attack of one of our allies’ oil tankers, in September, an attack on an allied oil facility, then in December, the attack of an American military base in Iraq, and then also in December, an attack on the US Embassy in Iraq. This psychopath was known for drilling holes in the heads of captured victims while they were still alive. So, loaded with information from our intelligence agencies and the knowledge of the Iranians being experts in surrogate warfare, our President Trump ordered a strike on this terrorist when we knew he was in Iraq, but instead of praising our intelligence agencies and the victory of our military for taking out this monster, only because Trump is our President, the democratic party and all of their news minions, went on a twisted campaign demonizing our President, creating panic with their false news and warnings of WWIII and reinstating a draft, scaring the uninformed American, so much so, that a 5th grader asked my wife, a teacher, about the pending WWIII. The poor boy was truly frightened and worried about dying. Instead of being concerned about our youth and their fears, the democrats were asking Iran for forgiveness and saying this Islamic Terrorist was an Iranian hero, a leader, and labeling him a smart, honored member of the Iranian people; saying that our President was trying to start a war. What? So very dishonest, destructive, and manipulative on their part. All because of their very evident hate-mongering addictions.  
  All of this is just an extension of their actions coming to light to the American people since the President’s election in 2016. Hate-mongering by paying for and pushing a fake dossier, that led to a circus of the Mueller report, to a hate-filled false interpretation creating a one-sided, unfair, biased, non-bipartisan, democrat-only voted impeachment.  The evidence is clear to We The People, no matter how the extreme leftists talking heads try and twist and misrepresent the truth.  Meanwhile, the democratic party tries to save their complete take over by the anti-constitutional socialists in our country today, I predict that Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic nomination for the election, they have no choice, the socialists and communist are the largest unified base they have left.  In the meantime, we, the American people will know the facts of President Trump’s accomplishments because we can plainly see them. We see that more Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history, over 4 million jobs created since the election. Manufacturing jobs are growing at the fastest rate in over 30 years. Economic growth hit 4.2% last quarter. Unemployment is at its best in 50 years, while median household income has hit the highest EVER recorded. More Blacks, more Hispanics, more Asians, are working more than ever in American history. The best women unemployment in 65 years, along with the lowest unemployment rate EVER recorded among Americans without a high school diploma. And when it comes to the economy, the best statistic that actually fights directly against the socialist nightmare over the horizon is the 3.9 million Americans lifted off of food stamps since his election. We are now globally energy independent. NATO allies finally gave $69 billion to defense. Trump has freed over a dozen American hostages all over the world. His focus on the borders has consistently caught, prosecuted, and deported over 130,000 illegals a year, with offenses dealing with dangerous drugs, assault, weapons, sexual assault, kidnapping, and homicide, as well as began uncovering a much long time ignored child sex trafficking networks. Over 289 accomplishments from President Trump so far, keeping his promises to the American people even with all the hate fed obstructive behavior by the democrats.
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First of all, a huge thank you to the Lamoni citizen who sent in this topic, I salute you. Our local Tea Party group (We The People Tea Party of Southern Iowa) has discussed this very topic for over 10 years now, and it has also been a topic of Tea Party groups in every one of our 50 states over those 10 years. The following list may overlap in some specific topics within the big picture, so instead of a top 10 list, #1 below covers many issues that could by itself make the whole list, so I have included a link where you can see all it actually covers. At any rate, there are a lot of problems within our school systems, and the very political biased NEA union is one of the biggest, but that topic will have to wait for another article. Below are the very topics that are being lost in understanding of our future generations, due to the lack of focus on them within school curriculums nationwide.
  #1: At a minimum, every High School graduate in the United States should be able to pass the 100 question US Citizenship test the Department of Homeland Security gives to new citizens (, which covers US History and Civics 101 in detail. It is highly embarrassing to us as a nation, that even most of our college graduates as a whole today would fail this test. Quite frankly, it is not the student's fault at all, but the education system, and the local school boards for not demanding that these topics be taught; they are failing our country. It is my belief that the education system no longer holds our nation’s history sacred. U.S. History and Social Studies need to be separate yearlong classes within the curriculum.

  #2: The true meaning and huge difference between a democracy (which we are not) and our Constitutional Republic (which we are) as defined and stated within our founders’ perspectives is not being taught, and can be easily found in their documentation, such as the Federalist Papers, and other records. This is not a trivial focus on semantics. It is very important in understanding our role as citizens, who are the authority of this government. You will find strong opposition of a democracy from great experienced and highly educated founders, such as Benjamin Rush, Noah Webster, John Adams, James Madison, Fisher Ames, Gouverneur Morris, John Quincy Adams, John Witherspoon, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin and so many more. ( The key here would be to not only understand the difference between the two but to show how the people of a Constitutional Republic are to “keep it” by more than just their vote. American high school graduates should know, learn, and understand what it is to be the “authority” of our Republic, what role we must have as citizens to “keep it” as a Republic. First, knowing about the voting system, how it is done, processed from every level and why each individual vote matters. Secondly, we must understand why party planks and platforms are sought after and created, and finally, how to use said platform to hold newly elected politicians accountable throughout their term. Far too often, once the platform is created, it is absolutely ignored by politicians and citizens. That platform was indeed created by We The People, and no politician can rebuke it once a citizen refers to it on any given issue.  Citizens must take a copy of the platform with them to every town hall, every visit to the politician’s office and every communication made. The party platform along with the United States Constitution are the very tools every citizen has to promote and have, to hold elected officials accountable throughout each and every year.

  #3  We need to teach the actual reason why our founders put in place the electoral college vote,  which is separate from the popular vote for a reason, also why this was important then, and why it must never be eliminated from our nation, especially now as many are trying to transition our government into a tyrannical socialist democracy. They know that the electoral college vote is the one obstacle in place preventing that from happening, and it keeps We The People’s votes fair and equal throughout the country. Anyone trying to push for its elimination does not hold the truths of the purpose of our founding sacred, nor worth saving. They could care less about our Constitution and We The People, as they only want to dissolve our “Great American Experiment” and create yet another failed socialist government. They will indeed lie, and say they do, but they are just wolves in sheep’s clothing.

  #4  Definition, and differences between the Budget & Deficit and what part both play. Many don’t know the basic fundamentals of it and why it’s important to know. Deficit being the difference between what tax dollars the government spends and what it brings in from the people, and the Debt being the amount the government borrows from others to cover the deficit; knowing we borrow from countries like Japan, China, and others. Everyone needs to know the National Debt Clock and what numbers to know and how politicians manipulate those numbers in their reporting justifications of spending. ( Understanding that there is no socialistic tax attack that will pay down our deficit nor debt, let alone make it easier for the American people.  

  #5 Knowing Free Market Economics and why this is and has always been the best answer for personal freedom, economic freedom, and a debt-free future. Opponents of free markets cry corruption, even though the corruption of socialist nations is always greater and takes away from the citizens’ personal freedoms. The difference being in our Republic, #2 above gives authority and tools to the people to be able to stop corruption if they can “keep it”.  We’ve got to get back to the basics. In closing I would like to share a quote from Mark Twain when he said:
“I never let my schooling interfere with my education”
 “Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)                                                              

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Since the first Department of State was created in 1789, of which Thomas Jefferson was the first appointee.

The Department of State has always been under the direction of the president, which means he is the authority over this “executive department” and the role of the executive departments, are to conduct the President’s policies. This is found in the Constitution in Article 2, Section 2, Paragraph 1 and 2, which specifically state in part:
“The President shall be Commander in Chief of the Army and Navy of the United States, and of the Militia of the several States when called into the actual Service of the United States; he may require the Opinion, in writing, of the principal Officer in each of the executive Departments…”
“…He shall have Power, by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, to make Treaties, provided two thirds of the Senators present concur; and he shall nominate, and by and with the Advice and Consent of the Senate, shall appoint Ambassadors, other public Ministers and Consuls, Judges of the Supreme Court, and all other Officers of the United States, whose Appointments are not herein otherwise provided for, and which shall be established by Law…”
  David Barron of Harvard Law School and Martin Lederman of Georgetown University Law Center, describe it perfectly when they say, this Article in the Constitution is a textual designation of the President as the Commander in Chief, and no one else, would be responsible for performing that role, no matter what it was to entail, and they are correct. They also point out that in respect to certain functions, Congress may not (by statute or otherwise) delegate this power to anyone other than the President. So even though it does take Congress to give a declaration of war, they are in essence handing that declaration over to the President’s control of it, which makes huge sense, as it keeps a democracy oligarchy from ever developing, by ensuring the Constitutional Republic that unites the separation of powers.

  So not only is it clear that the President of the United States has authority and directions over all executive departments of which the President appoints directors and “all other Officers of the United States,” To include the Director of National Intelligence (DNI), which is a cabinet position. The same DNI that is in charge of the 16 separate departments which include the 5 military branches, the departments of Justice, Energy, Homeland Security, State, Treasury, and the 5 National Agencies of the CIA, NSA, Defense intelligence agency, Geospatial intelligence agency, National Reconnaissance Office, and the FBI.  
  The State Department analysis intelligence for the Secretary of State, ambassadors, and the office of terrorism and management. It had its beginnings in New York City, then Philadelphia before ending up in Washington D.C. in 1819.  The department started off small, but as time went on, its development, began outgrowing its former buildings, and yet it internally keeps on growing.  The duty of the State Department is foreign policy with world nations.  Implementing the Foreign policy of the President to be more specific, the State Department only has the authority the current President allows them to have, and guidelines given to them by the President and what he deems appropriate as foreign policy.  The problem with the current Intelligence Agencies which includes the State Department (foreign policy establishment) is its growth and evolution post World War II, and the mindset they have separate from the Executive Branch.

  It took President Trump to begin to seek out the corruption in Ukraine, as well as in our own swamp, before initiating his foreign policy there, to shine the light on the cockroaches, which started a huge pushback by the corruptors in both countries. When you know the country is corrupt, and then find out family members of the past administration and congress are working there, it gives good probable cause to look into it. Throughout the faux impeachment efforts, the pushback on the President’s authority of implementing his foreign policy has indeed triggered The State Department and Intelligence Community to retaliate by saying it’s not his place to interfere in the already ongoing policies put in place by them and the former president. For the first time since the development of the Intelligence Community, post-WWII, this pushback is showing the world through the leftist elitists and their minion media, that this entity has developed and is doing business as a covert 4th branch of government, working independently from our designed Constitutional Republic. This is no “theory” (a supposition), but it is for sure a conspiracy (a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful).  A group of unelected members who are supposed to be under the direct authority of the President of the United States. You don’t have to believe me, just listen to what Democrat Congress Woman, Tulsi Gabbard, who is running for President said at one of the Presidential debates as her closing statement:
“Our Democrat Party, unfortunately, is not the Party that is of, by, and for the people. It is a party that has been and continues to be, influenced by the foreign policy establishment in Washington, represented by Hillary Clinton, and others foreign policy, by the military-industrial complex, and other greedy corporate interests.”
-Tulsi Gabbard Democrat Congresswoman, Presidential Candidate, Combat Military Veteran.
Being inside both the military and the democrats in congress, Gabbard knows more than the average American. No, I don’t want her as our president, but she is head and shoulders above any of the existing democrats at every level. This was just an affirmation to everything that good people have been exposing for years.  
  Our president, Donald Trump, is doing what needs to be done, and as long as he keeps exposing traitors, the longer we need him in office, at least for another 4 years. The worry and challenge of We The People should be, who we are going to help develop after Trump’s 8 years are gone. We The People need to continue down the path that the Tea Party movement started. The people’s movement created some great awareness and great champions. Through its focus on We The People, the Constitution, and the mindset of defending the vision of our founding fathers, it brought someone like Donald J. Trump to step up to the plate and do what the people have needed for years. To stop the corruption network from developing a 4th branch of government. So start now and begin to rally, coordinate, and network folks to vote for Trump 2020, and vote for other champions of the people from local, state, and federal offices.    
“Charlie Mike” Continue the Mission  
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  When I first received this topic I thought, “Yes, this has been a controversial topic for a very long time, but why write about it now with so many other things going on in our nation that are much more important to focus on.” Then, I began to think about what my thoughts have been on this topic throughout my life.
  As a young man, it was natural for me to believe that for the exact same reasons that I felt no one had the right to murder unborn babies, nobody had a right to murder any human being. I thought that as long as they were put in a cell with no luxuries, no radio, TV, weight rooms, or reading materials, and to treat them as convicted murderers, rapists etc. was enough. However, I then joined the military, and began to gain experience and grow up a lot more, and as I began to see and experience the evil that was happening all around the world, the unspeakable evil being committed by all kinds of human beings, such as, stoning women because they were raped, molesting children because their society says it is okay to marry a 9-year-old, mutilating women to take away their ability to feel pleasure, throwing people off of buildings because they were gay, torturing others for believing differently than dictators like Saddam Hussain, who put people through meat grinders alive to feed his palace gold fish, or tying his army officers to scud missiles and firing them off because they got grid coordinates mixed up. Then, of course, there are the horrors here in our country. Reading reports about racism, dragging a man to his death by tying him to a truck, or the mass murderers and serial killers, the examples are beyond belief.
  At some point, the light bulb went off. I realized that there is a huge difference between killing, torturing, an innocent helpless person by ripping off their arms, legs, torso, etc., from killing a guilty person by humanly hanging, shooting, or injection till dead, so that no one else will be hurt by them, making America safer; is a huge difference. So today I personally believe:
1.     Killing the unborn person is evil, wrong, inhumane and a practice that should be condemned and stopped.
2.     Evil humans who mass or serial murder, torture, molest children or treason against this nation should be humanely put to death.
3. Rapists should be castrated.
3.  All cases and evidence must be 100% verified, beyond any doubt, and not use hearsay or be biasedly persecuted, every precaution must be taken to prevent an innocent person from receiving the death penalty.
4.  Prisons need to be a deterrent to society, a place that is not good to be in, no radios, no TVs, no college careers, no weight rooms, etc., a place that has an 8-hour workday, rehabilitation through the development of self discipline, with privileges earned and a positive building of character, and productive personhood created.
   When concerning prisons, rehabilitation, and capital punishment, this is where we ought to be in our nation today. Sure, there are many other details that could be discussed for each of the above points, however, I think it is important to discuss some more current events in relation to the subject matter of capital punishment.  
  My first inclination was to discuss the treason that so many have ignored over the past 10 years from those who are indeed above the law, like Hillary Clinton and others, but until we have the FBI, CIA, and Congress gain back their integrity, this continues to be a moot point that only further divides the unwilling and ignorant to the truth from those crying for justice. However, I did find that the Department of Justice put out a press release on July 25th of this year, stating that the federal government has directed the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) to resume capital punishment, after a 20-year lapse of doing so. In addition, Attorney General William Barr directed the acting director of BOP to schedule the execution of 5 death row inmates convicted of murdering, torturing, and raping children and elderly citizens.

  These five inmates are: white supremacist, Daniel Lewis Lee, who put plastic bags over the heads, duct taped them, weighted them down with rocks, and threw a family of 3 into the Illinois bayou to their deaths; a Native American, Lezmond Mitchell, who stabbed to death a 63-year-old grandmother, then forced her 9-year old granddaughter to sit next to her lifeless body for a 40 mile drive, then Mitchell slit the little girl’s throat, then collapsed her skull in with 20 lb rocks before cutting off both her and her grandmothers feet, hands and heads, and burying them in the woods; a white Kansas City man, Wesley Ira Purkey, who violently raped and murdered a 16-year-old girl, then dismembered her, and dumped her body in a septic pond. He was also convicted of using a claw hammer to rip apart an 80-year-old woman’s head, who suffered from Polio and walked with a cane; a black man, Alfred Bourgeois, who physically and emotionally tortured, sexually molested, and beat to death his 2 ½-year-old daughter, then bragged about it to others, which was what got him arrested, and finally, a white Iowa man, Dustin Lee Honken, who shot and killed 5 people, who all planned to testify against him on numerous offenses, two men, a working mother, and her 10-year-old and 6-year-old daughters.
  These 5 death row inmates, deserve to be put to death for the evils they committed, that is the only way we can give justice to all of those who cannot be brought back to life.  I am glad this current Department of Justice has put back into motion capital punishment. It is our job as We The People, the authority of this country, to ensure convictions are legit and accurate, in keeping America safe.  
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)

Gregg C. Cummings by Gregg C. Cummings @

Currently, the democratic candidates leading are Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, Pete Buttigieg, Kamala Harris, Andrew Yang, Amy Klobuchar, Cory Booker, Tulsi Gabbard, Tom Steyer, Julian Castro, and many others, but those are the top 11 candidates.
  Thank God that both Robert Frances O’Rourke and Bill De Blasio both dropped out, as both of them were embarrassing themselves, even more than the citizens that followed them, but let’s talk about the top candidates that are still in the race.
  The overlying common denominator most popular between most of these candidates is the notion of becoming socialist, which is exactly what the past Obama administration mocked critics for believing. In fact, there are many instances where Obama made fun of those criticisms, but now the democrat party is clearly embracing and championing that very thing, despite the fact that millions of our brave soldiers died fighting against those kinds of governments since our beginning. Let’s be clear on what socialism is, it is a political and economic social government which takes the earnings from society, through regulations and tax laws and distributes it to the communities as a whole; this is no secret, and there is proven corruption at every level, but most importantly, it places the government or the state, in authority over the people. The same exact tyrannical mindset of those like the unitary socialist one-party state of China, or Cuba, which is still today an independent socialist republic led by the Cuban communist party, or the Soviet Union of the past that has since collapsed due to being a socialist one party state, also led by the communist party. Finally, not one of these candidates has denounced (that I know of) the group that acts very much like the Brown Shirts of Hitler’s national socialist government in Antifa. But we do have speeches from most of them saying things like, hell yes we will go door to door taking their guns, using police to enforce socialist doctrine, taxing up to 90% of earnings from those that worked hard to become rich, no different and just like the stupid Obama care that for the first time in American history forced the American people to buy a product or be fined hundreds of dollars.
  Let’s look at a little more of what these current democratic heroes are proposing.
Elizabeth Warren’s plan for forgiving current college tuition loans will cost around $1.7 Trillion dollars! Of which she would have her socialist government take a mega tax from the very rich to pay for it. Warren also just rolled out a $20.5 Trillion dollar health care plan idea, which is similar to other candidates’ Medicare for all. Again, claiming taxing the very rich even more will pay for this, as if they have enough to do so. At the same time she supports making the minimum wage $15 dollars an hour, which will only force the very rich to cancel businesses that create jobs, and then where do you suppose the next target of taxing will be focused? This does not even touch the entire costs she is proposing if she becomes president, like her $3 Trillion dollar climate plan, and the lists grows from there, a $1 Trillion dollar infrastructure bill, to include a $1 Trillion dollar Social Security plan to help pay back all the IOUs congress has corruptly given to that socialistic program, as they have taken from it for decades now.  
Obama’s entire stimulus package was around $700+ Billion dollars and he knew to make sure it didn’t go over a Trillion dollars, but now these candidates act as if a Trillion dollars is nothing, a small cost to pay to bring in their socialistic utopia.

  The Congressional Budget Office projects the next 10-year budget deficit will be $12.4 Trillion dollars at projections from the current governmental situation, and yet, these monetary proposals from the democratic party being pushed by their presidential candidates are projected to cost anywhere from $42.5 to $52 Trillion dollars depending on which candidate’s numbers you use over the next 10 years. See the math problem here? The CBO also says that the natural ranges of Federal spending currently run between 18 to 22 % of the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) but these democratic proposals would make said spending around 60% of GDP over the next 30 years. Things such as, forced taxation, enticing citizens with freebies to give up freedoms, creating laws to punish nonconformers, taking away the people’s means to defend freedoms, taking authority away from the people and giving it to the state, dishonoring the seat of the president to give more attention and authority to a growing oligarchy that has control over most of the media, some entertainment, and almost taken over the Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Investigations, and the Central Intelligence Agency is exactly what happens to socialist nations. This is not a conspiracy, as we witness the proofs of this with every attempt the leftist take when they try to hide their shortcomings by accusing others of the same thing. However, I must be fair by also stating there are plenty of right-wing establishments that have been in the system for quite some time, who are also a part of the corruption against the American people, but I digress, back to the democratic candidates.

  As there is nothing I agree on with the left or any of their policy suggestions, of all the candidates running on the left, the only one I see as truly presidential, and the only one with the best shot debating President Trump, that he would have the toughest time in debating, is Tulsi Gabbard. Yet, the leftist machine is doing all they can to swindle her out of a fair process and treatment to have a chance of gaining the nomination; it’s bad for her, but good for the Republicans, as none of the others have a chance of beating President Trump.
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)      


Gregg C. Cummings by Gregg C. Cummings @
“Tell a lie loud enough and long enough and people will believe it” ~ Adolf Hitler; you know who that is, the National Socialist Workers Party Leader of the holocaust era, the same dictator that George Soros helped the Nazis when he was a youth, 
the same Soros that funds so much of the Progressive movement in the United States today, who said, “My main concern is with the world order.” Tactics just like this one, that also inspired Saul Alinsky, who said, “Action comes from keeping the heat on. No politician can sit on a hot issue if you make it hot enough.” This is the same Saul Alinsky, who Hillary Clinton admired and did her thesis on. These ideologies, mindset pedigrees, have led to the exact cornerstone of the extreme leftist, democrats, stringing out their very long and annoying “hot seat” attempts and false claims on our president for the past 3+ years.
  This bias, this pure systematic hatred, to stop a man that cannot be bought, and stop his direct defending of the American foundations, no matter what the costs, is in itself an embarrassment to their party’s base, the American government, and the United States of America. All because they were fairly beaten, even with all the left’s proven Russian collusion, voter fraud, and cheating within their own party campaigns, they still lost.  So what was the left’s first reactions? Screaming rallies, crying protests, violent attacks on innocent voters and supporters, media backlash and ignorance of truth, and day one promises to impeach their new president before anything was ever created to investigate at all. An army of investigative hacks, like cockroaches, scurried to find something, anything to follow Hitler’s, Soros’s and Alinsky’s models to lie, keep pressure and create a hot seat that would somehow, in some way justify and lead to impeachment.

  Leaning heavily on the tactic to blame your enemy for your wrong doings, we see the radical left first screaming, like Jan Brady of the Brady Bunch, when she yelled, “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha,” but We The People heard “Voter Fraud, Voter Fraud, Voter Fraud,” only to have the Jill Stein’s investigations halted when they began finding more votes for President Trump. Then, of course, we had Hillary continuing on with her querulous rants of popular vote over our Republic’s electoral votes, in hopes that the people would forget about reports of Steins investigations. Soon after, it was “Collusion, Collusion, Collusion,” to find out the facts in the reports ONLY showed Russian collusion from the Democratic Party and the Clinton Foundation, yet no one, the media or law enforcement lifted a finger to prosecute any of the actual perps of the collusion, with foreign entities.  So they changed the narrative to “Corruption, Corruption, Corruption,” once again, only to prove themselves of corruption from the Obama administration, his DOJ, his FBI, and CIA, all tied in with the Clinton Campaigns, the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, and others. So with panic setting in, the democrats then tried to drown that news out with “Obstruction, Obstruction, Obstruction,” again, only to witness actual obstruction on the democratic side of the isle during these hearings in outright lies of what reports actually said, just as we heard from Adam Schiff’s false reading of the phone call transcripts that we all can easily bring up and compare. Once called out on his manipulative behavior, Schiff called it a “parody”. Really? A parody in a very serious hearing? It was more like he rolling the dice in hopes that the American people wouldn’t notice; truly another embarrassment to say the least. Now the call we hear from the left is “Ukraine, Ukraine, Ukraine” and “Treason, Treason, Treason.” Well, as my article proved to be 100% correct on the Mueller report, and its findings, we will again see who the guilty are when this Ukraine treasonous chant comes back to Earth. The question really remains, can our government, our Department of Justice, our Federal Bureau of Investigation, prove to win back its integrity and sweep out the corruption left by the last administration? To truly begin to arrest the ACTUAL perpetrators of the voter fraud, foreign collusion, corruption, obstruction, and treason that took place over the past 4 years, action must be taken and not just talked about. This much I know for sure, the American people are waking up to all of this horrible hatred in our congress, not doing the work of the people, but instead using their hate to gain party power against each other and OVER the Constitution of the United States.

  Let’s be honest, the Democrats have painted themselves into a corner, past the point of no return on this impeachment push, hoping that the hot seat will get too hot for the President to want to run again for a second term, as most impeached presidents have done in past history. However, the difference here is.  #1. Our President is not a regular politician and because he knows he is innocent of these lies, he will not be as easily intimidated by the canons of weasels, #2. He simply did not commit any high crimes or misdemeanors like the cover up writings we will read in articles following this one by the opposition with innuendos and half-speak.
 Take the time and watch this factual, proven, timeline, with official documents stating the same, which will make you all step back and see the truth of the evil levels of corruption that has been created in our government during its evolution, far away from what the founders intended. Now, whether you like the host of this chalkboard timeline or hate him, it shouldn’t matter, when you are seeking the truth.  It starts with Biden and his son, X-President Obama, to all the many players leading all the way through each of the left’s “Marsha, Marsha, Marsha” cries, to this final call of impeachment. May we all pray, that God blesses our nation with justice in the end. Amen.
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)  

Gregg C. Cummings by Gregg C. Cummings @

I picked this topic because to me, it is the second most important topic to the future of our country, second only to the far left’s efforts in erasing and eroding our nation’s foundations and sovereignty. Not to mention that the past presidents, both democrats and republicans, have cowered from publicly standing up to China’s abuse in trade, and military-strategic steps for decades, starting with President Clinton and his administration, which includes players who continued in service to future administrations, such as, Leon Panetta, George Tenet, and Sandy Berger, and others. China has used American greed to covertly corrupt the selling of our Nation’s secrets, to include top-secret designs of all seven of the US nuclear warhead missile technologies; you can find this in the Cox Report timeline 
  However,  today the media and establishment players on both sides of the aisle and the progressive left’s pure hate for our current president, ignore anything that makes the “communist” Chinese regime a major evil enemy of the United States. Instead, they say things like “We need to seek friendly relations between the USA and China.” Or “We must be consistent so that our friends and foes know where we stand.” Then before they even start their next breath, they hypocritically ignore consistency of strength, as if China isn’t even a threat, but an economic resource, worthy of ignoring their wrongdoings toward the US. Make no mistake, the communist ideology of China is systematically taking advantage of the world’s capitalists ventures and has a goal, which is to take total control while simultaneously becoming the strongest military the world has ever seen; thanks to the greedy politicians from our past few administrations. Think about it, currently, the only idea China has of where we stand is one given to them by Clinton, Bush, and Obama; who were greedy, power-hungry and dishonorable to our citizens.

Back in the early 90s, China’s minister of defense stated that it was inevitable that they would go to war
with the United States of America, and it is their intention to prepare to win said war.  So, China has continued to prepare by manipulating currency and fighting for unfair trade deals, because it holds IOUs from the past administrations. They are threatening to stop manufacturing goods for the US, and our past politicians have compromised it all, so they can feed their greed. China has built islands in the South China Sea, in international waters, and claimed them as theirs as they also placed military ports and bases on them. Yet, our media and politicians seem to treat this as though it is not worthwhile news to report, all because our President is doing the right things to hurt and slow down the plans of XI and Beijing. Last August, The South China Morning Post reported that “Washington also said, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin would work with the International Monetary Fund... ‘to eliminate the unfair competitive advantage created by China’s latest actions.’ ” They also reported that Yan Xuetong, an international relation’s professor at Tsinghua University in Beijing, said that “China has been narrowing the gap between its comprehensive national strength and that of the United States, (a development that) might be the cause of the growing competition between the two nations.”
  Now, you would think with these kinds of tension and quotes of inevitable conflicts and war between us, that we would do all we could to prevent other strategic strongholds of our enemy from becoming a reality. Yet, China now paid its way to control a very strategic stronghold within the Panama Canal and are even building a new bridge that spans across it. They have space technologies and satellites orbiting the planet, which poses a huge threat, all because the Democrats attacked and blocked President Ronald Reagan from continuing on with his “Star Wars” defense plans.  Now China is buying American companies operating inside America, such as Smithfield Foods Inc. back in 2013, and in 2016, China made a deal to buy crop science giant, Syngenta AG, the largest foreign acquisition by a Chinese company (China National Chemical Corp). and many others as well 

Let’s not forget this is a communist country, who 100% controls all in their government, that all businesses and corporations in China are owned by the Chinese government. It does not stop there, there are many more examples, such as China making covert deals with the drug cartel in Mexico, trafficking fentanyl into the US, as well as human sex trafficking, which has only been aided by the leftist opposition to securing our borders tight, as they should be. A great example of this is the entire Obama administration who manipulated border perambulation to become useless, and in fact, placed water and emergency stations along the southern border for illegals to use, with directions written in Mandarin Chinese, Arabic, Spanish and English.  
  Despite the pure hateful focused rhetoric we all keep hearing from the mainstream leftist/elitists against our President and the tariffs his administration has set forth, we know without a doubt they are weakening the Chinese manufacturing exports and slowing down all of Beijing’s economy, which means it is also slowing down their world domination plans. I think there is a saying that states the devil’s biggest accomplishment is spreading evil without anyone knowing it even exists, and that is what is happening. The divisional mindset of the progressive elitists and establishment politics on both sides is aiding the cultivation of our nation’s demise. The number of smoke screens being thrown to only divide our nation and take down our president are ridiculous.  These smoke screens are to conceal the continued erosion of our Constitutional REPUBLIC and put in place a stronger, more pure democracy, that will evolve very quickly into a Socialist Democracy then to a National Socialist/Fascist mindset, which will then easily be taken over by a Communist SuperPower, like China.
  Bill Gertz a national security columnist for the Washington Times, and Senior Editor of the Washington Free Beacon, says that the Chinese Communist Party had instituted a system of high tech totalitarianism, and has the goal of implementing it globally.
I say, they already have.
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)  
Gregg C. Cummings by Gregg C. Cummings @

Citizen United VS FEC Issue Still Needs to be on the Front Burner
  Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act (BCRA) bans corporations and unions from independent political spending, as if its constitutional for the government to demand this of private American citizens and their businesses. What BCRA and those who support it got wrong was that they believed that they did have the authority over the people to stop their First Amendment rights. Well, many legitimate political scholars, understand it was clear that this kind of “oversight” (or tyranny) of free independent Americans was without a doubt unconstitutional and a way to allow those in power to stay in power. (It is bad enough that Congress has created a SEPARATE set of laws that they live under, once elected, as elitist who benefit from the fact that regular laws, which affect the common citizen, simply do not apply to them, but that is a topic for another article.) In 2008 a non-profit 501c4 group called Citizens United came along
and was slapped with a fine as their First Amendment rights were stifled by the FEC.
  The FEC (Federal Election Committee), are made up of six members who are confirmed by the Senate; the FEC prevented Citizen United from exercising their First Amendment right in showing a fact filled movie about the lefts’ precious Hillary Clinton. Then they did the unthinkable to the elitists of Congress, they sued for use of their First Amendment rights. One only needs to read the holding of the Supreme Court in their findings of this particular case to understand the constitutionality of it and know any bloviating from the left just keeps congress corrupt and separate from all other citizens of the United States.  
 From the Supreme Court of the United States blog, here is another example of telling the government what it CANNOT do to the people, which needs no other debate. “Political spending is a form of protected speech under the First Amendment, and the government may not keep corporations or unions from spending money to support or denounce individual candidates in elections. While corporations or unions may not give money directly to campaigns, they may seek to persuade the voting public through other means, including ads, especially where these ads were not broadcast”. Clear, concise and exactly the right decision, in this case. 
  To go deeper into what I discussed above, let’s read how author and Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, George Will, explains how campaign finance reform is wrong: “Campaign finance reform = corruption. Let me say that again slightly rephrased, campaign finance reform corrupts the political system it presumes to save from corruption… Now don’t we want to get money out of politics? Isn’t campaign finance reform an inherent good?”  He explains that in 1969, Senator Eugene McCarthy, a Democrat, decided to challenge President Johnson, which was only possible because McCarthy and his very rich five liberal backers were against the Vietnam War, and they backed him with an incredible amount of money, equal today to the sum of $75 million dollars. George said,  “...but because of campaign finance reform, the most, a wealthy quintet could give to help an insurgent against an incumbent today would be $13,000.00… McCarthy didn’t win the nomination but he did compel Johnson not to run for a second term. In doing so McCarthy changed history.” George Will also explains how the elitist corruption was triggered by McCarthy.. “…but the Democratic Party establishment wasn’t happy about it. To stop it from happening again, they pushed for the government regulation of political speech…thus campaign finance reform was born.” “…whatever their stated intentions, campaign finance reform laws are not written to protect the public from corrupt politicians. They are written to protect incumbents from anyone who might challenge them.” He continues, “So, not only doesn’t campaign finance reform disrupt the status quo, it incases it in cement.” Then George emphasizes how all laws, past, present and future, regulating campaign finance have been and will be written by incumbent legislators. Again, easy spawning of corruption. This truly creates a protective wall between We The People and Congress. George continues “...but conformers say, ‘that politicians are bought and sold by big money interests, we have to stop this.’…but money is rarely given in order to change a politician’s vote. It is given in order to support politicians who already vote, the way the donors want them to.” Now that statement will make the liberal heads explode, but it is the truth, and we the people need to understand that. George says, “These reformers apparently think that what James Madison, the author of the Bill of Rights, meant when he wrote, ‘Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech’, was really, Congress shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech unless incumbents think that abridgements will help keep them in office.” He finishes by saying, “Let me repeat myself now, for the third and final time, Campaign Finance reform is what it pretends to combat: corruption.”

Now Citizens United just did what no one else would do, and as free, law abiding American citizens, this type of action is what makes the difference in a Republic vs. a pure Democracy which is ripe for the growth of corruption. Citizens United’s actions were putting into effect the authority of We The People over the government, just as a Republic should.
  However, like always, the establishment who created the corruptive situation in the first place, are now demonizing individuals who are standing together in unity to dismantle their evils. So no matter what the establishment or others grumble about, the Supreme Court’s decision got it right in the Citizen United case, and protected We The People, and took away a small piece of the elitists laws of in our Congress. Make no mistake, the establishment Congress is very much the deepest part of the swamp in Washington D.C.
I’ll close with this key quote from the SCOTUS decision, “…political speech must prevail against laws that would suppress it…”
“Charlie Mike” (Continue the Mission)  
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